• JUST WRAPPED a large co-starring role on the show LOVE,VICTOR.  Season 3 is set to air on HULU in June 2022!

  • LUCIFER Season 5 part two is now out on NETFLIX, Check out Hoetmer as April Peterson in "Family Dinner" - Episode 9! 

  • JUST WRAPPED a supporting role in the feature length adventure movie RIDDLE OF FIRE - all shot on locations all in and around Park City, Utah.

"You are one of the finest actors I've

had the privilege to work with."

-Roger Lindley

Director, TAKEN BY GRACE, Pure Flix Entertainment

"Your performance especially is both stunning and chilling.

And on top of it, you were such a joy to work with."

-Donald Roman Lopez

Director, LET ME BREATHE, Verité Entertainment