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  • Recently wrapped five weeks of shooting an awesome supporting lead role for the much anticipated Lionsgate movie The Best Christmas Pageant Ever starring Judy Greer and directed by Dallas Jenkins!!! And even better, my daughter is also a leading role in the movie and we actually play mother & daughter!  

  • Riddle Of Fire which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival last May, will release in theaters starting March 22, 2024!!

  • Lesson in Chemistry, episode 6 aired! I play Iris Zott, Elizabeth Zott's (Brie Larsen) mom when her twisted and traumatic childhood backstory is revealed.

"Danielle is one of the finest actors I've

had the privilege to work with."

-Roger Lindley

Director, TAKEN BY GRACE, Pure Flix Entertainment

"Danielle's performance especially is both stunning and chilling. And on top of it, she was such a joy to work with."

-Donald Roman Lopez

Director, LET ME BREATHE, Verité Entertainment

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